Taxi-service daily prices

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With us you pay only the kilometer prices no entry fees and no waiting minutes. It's all included in our kilometer prices. Try our online booking system now and see for yourself our unbeatable prices.

Price list per km
  • Economy class: CHF 4.5 / km
  • Business class: CHF 5.05 / km
  • First class: CHF 5.5 / km
  • Minivan class: CHF 6.0 / km
  • Minibus class: CHF 5.5 / km


Price list for drives from and to the Zurich airport

Economy Class:

Basel CHF 250
Bern CHF 350
Lugano CHF 650
St. Gallen CHF 250
Luzern CHF 200
Zug CHF 170
Genf CHF 750
Davos CHF 500
Andermatt CHF 400
Arosa CHF 500
St. Moritz CHF 650
Interlaken CHF 450
Zermatt CHF 750
Laax CHF 450
Gstaad CHF 600
Lech am Arlberg CHF 550


Business Class:

Basel CHF 300
Bern CHF 400
Lugano CHF 700
St. Gallen CHF 300
Luzern CHF 250
Zug CHF 210
Genf CHF 850
Davos CHF 600
Andermatt CHF 500
Arosa CHF 600
St. Moritz CHF 750
Interlaken CHF 500
Zermatt CHF 850
Laax CHF 550
Gstaad CHF 700
Lech am Arlberg CHF 650


First Class:

Basel CHF 350
Bern CHF 450
Lugano CHF 800
St. Gallen CHF 350
Luzern CHF 300
Zug CHF 250
Genf CHF 950
Davos CHF 700
Andermatt CHF 600
Arosa CHF 750
St. Moritz CHF 850
Interlaken CHF 600
Zermatt CHF 950
Laax CHF 650
Gstaad CHF 800
Lech am Arlberg CHF 750


Minivan Class:

Basel CHF 400
Bern CHF 500
Lugano CHF 900
St. Gallen CHF 400
Luzern CHF 350
Zug CHF 290
Genf CHF 1050
Davos CHF 800
Andermatt CHF 650
Arosa CHF 800
St. Moritz CHF 950
Interlaken CHF 700
Zermatt CHF 1050
Laax CHF 700
Gstaad CHF 900
Lech am Arlberg CHF 850
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Parking at Zurich Airport
Leave the stress and hectic rush of overcrowded Zurich behind you and travel comfortably in your own car to one of our car parks at Zurich Airport. Book now your carefree parking place and save up to 40%!
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Vehicle classes and tariffs
Economy Class
Limo Rental
Economy Cars
maximal x4
maximal x2
maximal x3
CHF 4.5 /km
Business Class
Limo Rental
Mercedes C Class Wagon AMG Line
Mercedes E Class AMG Line
maximal x4
maximal x2
maximal x3
CHF 5.0 /km
First Class
Limo Rental
Mercedes S Class 4Matic
maximal x3
maximal x2
maximal x3
CHF 5.5 /km
Minivan Class
Limo Rental
Mercedes V Class 4Matic
maximal x7
maximal x7
maximal x7
CHF 6.0 /km
Minibus Class
Ford Turneo Custom Zurich transfer
Ford Tourneo Custom
maximal x8
maximal x8
maximal x5
CHF 5.5 /km
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